Raffya was born in 2023 and started life in a little studio just outside of London.

A team of creative individuals from diverse backgrounds came together with a passion to combine artisanal heritage techniques and timeless silhouettes. We wanted to create clothes that express our unique perception of the world.

The brand celebrates prints, colours and beautifully hand-sewn embroideriesexhibited in relaxed, modern and romantic design forms. Each collection is the product of years of hard work.

Every design aims to evoke our love for adventure and a passion for travel and cultural exploration. The meticulous detail, delicacy and femininity emphasises the individuality and uniqueness of the wearer.

With respect and admiration for traditional craftsmanship, we work collaboratively with manufacturers and suppliers across India. The premise is to provide adequate support and resources to the workforcehonouring and empowering our partners.

Being driven by passion with social responsibility at heart, we aim to create beautiful designs which also support the communities that inspire them.

Our brand is designed in order for our clothes to transcend generations.

The journey has just begun and to say we are excited and nervous would be an understatement.

In the words of mythologist Joseph Campbell ‘if you want to ask me how I should live my life, I ask you, what is the most meaningful thing to you, your raison d’etre, and I suggest you ally yourself with that – your bliss’.

Welcome aboard our journey called Raffya!

With Love,

Raffya x