Raffya travels to India.

Welcome to Raffya’s journey in India.

To bring Raffya into existence, our design team took multiple trips to India- the land of culture, vibrant colours, beautiful landscapes, and a rich history of textiles. From Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and Kolkata, each city inspired them to create intricate and soulful designs.

From travelling amongst the bustling metros to hitching a ride on local rickshaws, it was a treasured adventure for everyone! This is the underlying essence of Raffya: a concept that combines our love of adventure, soaking up the sun and seeking joy in the world around us.

It was during these trips that our team discovered heritage crafts and intricate textile techniques that local artisans and Indian craftsmen have been using for generations. At Raffya, we have made it our mission to showcase their unique talent globally via our design and production.

Our ‘Ida Strappy Dress’ showcases this inspiration with the vibrant hues of pink and rust and the intricate beading hand sewn by craftsmen at our manufacturing partners in India.


Raffya x