Design Ethos

With salt in our hair and sand between our toes, we travel together weaving joy and beauty through our Raffya pieces. 

Inspired by our trips around the world and designed to create beautiful memories, Raffya’s true essence is eternal sunshine. The process of taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary.

Our meticulously created, ready-to-wear collections mix both textures and prints with heritage techniques, evoking freedom and fun through the essence of escapism.

Crafted Product

Raffya’s design is inspired by our trips across the globe, from Balinese markets to Indian bazaars and Moroccan riads. Our pieces combine striking prints and Indian heritage techniques with the finest modern technology and materials. 

Showcasing the infinite beauty of the natural world, each piece is created using high quality fabrics such as breathable cotton, linen mix and similar composition fibres, so that they can be worn time and time again.

Raffya does not mass produce. Created by the artisans at the heart of the communities that inspire them, we believe it’s important to slow down the production process.

The result? Limited edition, detailed and considered pieces that tell their own story.