Our Story

In a small studio just outside London, a group of creative individuals took the plunge to incorporate their love for mixing prints and textures with crafted but modern artisan techniques. And so Raffya was born, bringing a collection that embodied the adventures they travelled on. Designed to evoke beautiful memories, Raffya believes fashion is much more than just clothing, it tells a story, invoking feeling and emotion. Our philosophies revolve around travel, community, embroidery, and print. We are a brand with a big heart, revelling in the process of taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary.

Inspired by our travels across Balinese markets, Indian bazaars, and Moroccan riads, our creations fuse captivating prints and ancient heritage techniques with the cutting-edge marvels of modern technology.

Our inspiration is deeply rooted in connecting cultures and crafts, recognising the contributions of communities around the world. Through every thread and stitch, we celebrate diverse traditions. Raffya is a movement that empowers artisans, fosters connections, and redefines style as a force for positive change. We aspire to collaborate with ethically sourced partners and skilled artisans who pour their heart and soul into each stitch, ensuring that every piece is a masterpiece. By supporting traditional craftsmanship and sustainable practices, we honour the artistry of the past while creating a more beautiful future.

At Raffya we are passionate about the use of textiles, and embroidery holds a special place in our heart. Our dedicated team of skilled embroiderers meticulously handcraft each intricate pattern and delicate cross stitch, infusing our fabrics with a touch of artistry. By blending this cherished heritage technique with modern design, we breathe life into each piece, transforming them into wearable works of art. Raffya print is a product of hand sketches or paintings, ensuring an unparalleled authenticity and a touch of one-of-a- kind charm.

Each design is a testament to an adventure or discovery from our team, lovingly crafted in-house and inspired by the wonders that envelop us. Through a fusion of tradition and innovation, Raffya brings the world's beauty to your fingertips, with soulful pieces that stand the test of time, transcending seasons, and generations.

Our Expertise

Combining modern technology with heritage artisan techniques is the premise of our production processes.