Caring For Your Raffya Garment

Raffya garments are delicately designed and meant to be treated mindfully with love and care. The collections have been consciously made using high quality materials and trims.

Caring thoughtfully for your Raffya garments not only extends their longevity but also is the most direct way of reducing waste and pollution in the textiles system. This means that we as consumers of beautiful garments have the absolute power to effect positive change for our planet.

We have pulled together some simple steps to make it easier for everyone to do their part:

Air clothes after wearing and before storing by hanging on a wooden hanger. 

Be careful when wearing sharp jewellery as it may catch and pull.

Washing By Hand

The lifespan of your Raffya garment will increase by hand washing it using mild, non-bio eco-friendly detergent. 

Turn your clothes inside out to protect the outer side when washing. Soak and gently squeeze the soapy water a few times taking care not to wring or twist. Rinse with cold clean water using the same method. To conserve water wash whites first and reuse the same water for darks. 

This is also a great way of ensuring synthetic microfibres don't enter our oceans. 

Machine Washing

A cold machine wash is always better than hot.

Wardrobe Cleanse

We love a wardrobe cleanse!

It is always a great idea to freshen up your wardrobe and rediscover forgotten treasures. Give the things you never wear a new lease of life by upcycling your favourite maxi dress to a mini dress, swapping with friends, reselling, donating or passing along to a recycling initiative.

All of these efforts have a major impact by creating a circular economy of wear.